Children who can swim are different

For many teenagers, the experience of going swimming with their parents or friends is an unforgettable and happy experience. If you like swimming, let your children walk into the pool as well. This is a precious gift for them. Children who can swim have a different worldview.

  1. It is a child’s lifelong skill

Swimming plays an irreplaceable role in any kind of exercise method for the functions of immature system organs.

When a person is horizontal, the return of blood to the heart is much easier than when standing upright. Therefore, for the same amount of exercise, the increase in heart rate in water is smaller than that on land, which reduces the burden on the immature heart. Swimming absolutely does not have the problem of damage to immature bones and ligaments caused by roller skating, running, and playing ball on land.

In particular, neuromuscular coordination is the best time to exercise. Once you master a certain skill, you will never forget it for life. In the middle-aged and old age who are prone to osteoarthritis and many sports on land cannot be performed, the skills learned in childhood will fully reflect the benefits.


  1. Promote children’s health

Swimming can improve the function of the respiratory system and increase lung capacity. Regular swimming can make the heart muscle develop, the metabolism is strong, the heartbeat is slow and powerful, which prepares the conditions for bearing greater physical load.

Frequent soaking in water can improve the body’s ability to adapt to the external environment, and improve children’s ability to resist cold and disease.

The complex action of swimming is completed under the control of the brain, and the function of the brain will also be improved during the swimming process, which is manifested by the brain’s quick response to the external environment and good intellectual development.

Of course, swimming is not only good for the body. Childhood and adolescence are the critical periods for personality shaping. Swimming can cultivate good will and tough character.

  1. Promote courage and faith

For most children, swimming without floating tools such as swimming rings is a great challenge. In fact, people naturally have a sense of unknown fear of water.

Teaching them to get out of the swimming circle and really practice swimming requires them to muster up the courage to take the first step and overcome their inner anxiety. After children learn to swim, they will have a great sense of accomplishment, which will encourage them to bravely try unknown things and no longer be afraid.

Learning to swim is not accomplished overnight. If you are not a type of person with super athletic cells, you have to do it step by step.

In swimming practice, it is necessary to constantly correct mistakes and pursue better posture and speed. Doing the same thing for a long time and perfecting the details can exercise patience and cultivate their awareness of how to do one thing well.

If you often receive swimming training, you will have a clear sense of goals in the swimming pool, take reaching the end as your own responsibility, increase your child’s belief in pursuing success, and bid farewell to being spoiled and unable to endure hardship.


  1. Enhance social skills and enjoy physical and mental pleasure

Childhood experiences and family relationships profoundly affect a person’s life. In such a special environment as the swimming pool, children can fully relax. Practice and compete with classmates, teammates, and even new friends in the pool. It can enhance their social skills and cultivate a cheerful personality. Those happy moments in the pool will be remembered.

If you go swimming with your children, you can increase your connection with them and have more common topics. Of course, it must be admitted that parents are not necessarily the best swimming coaches for their children. Now that society pays more attention to physical fitness, swimming coaches and swimming facilities are being further improved, and there are many more choices for swimming places and coaches.

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